Insurance Claims Relating to Cancer

in OH & WV

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Cancer-Related Insurance Claims in the Parkersburg Region

Wiseman Law Firm, PLLC, serves clients in Ohio and West Virginia with cancer-related insurance claims. Medical and other supports can be critical to the successful treatment of persons with cancer, and much of the cost may be covered by insurance. However, insurers are in the business of holding down costs to benefit their corporate bottom line. They sometimes do not consider the added financial stress on individuals and families in the Parkersburg, WV region. Call 304-428-3006 or contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation.

Wiseman Law Firm Helps Clients with the Appeal Process

Clients in OH and WV can appeal many types of health insurance decisions, including things that are written into the contract of your health plan. Wiseman Law Firm can help you appeal Medicare claim denials, too. If the insurer denies a cancer-related claim, they must explain your right to appeal the decision. If you ask for it, they must give you all the information about the decision.

Life Insurance Claim Denials Find Prompt Settlement

If your claim is denied, we recommend asking for more information from a customer service representative or case manager at your insurance company. This can shed additional light on their decision before you make the formal appeal:

Contact the administrator of the health plan to find out more about the refusal.

Ask for a full explanation of why the claim was denied.

Review your health insurance plan’s benefits.

Ask the doctor to write a letter explaining or justifying what has been done or has been requested.

Wiseman Law Firm Works with You on Appealing Insurance Denials

As you can see, there may be opportunities to find additional grounds to reverse decisions. In making the appeal, we then resubmit the claim along with any other written information that supports using the test or treatment they denied. It may be a simple matter of coding the item differently.

Caring Legal Services to Handle Insurance Claim Denials

Todd Wiseman and his caring staff work hard to give you the peace of mind you need to move forward when your insurance claim has been denied. A validating, supportive presence, we work tirelessly to help you get the compensation you deserve. This allows you to focus on your recovery from cancer with less financial stress.