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When Business Takes an Unexpected Turn

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Wiseman Law Firm, PLLC, Helps After A Commercial Truck Accident

Drivers in WV and OH face an unknown road hazard every day in the form of commercial trucks. Several types of trucks operate on the local highways and streets conducting business every day. Most work without incident, but accidents involving commercial trucks can and do happen. Call 304-428-3006 or contact Wiseman Law Firm, PLLC online for a free initial consultation to discuss details of your commercial truck accident.

Commercial Truck Crashes Can Carry Heavy Personal Injuries

Large commercial trucks can be imposing on local roads and streets. It is critical for truck operators to maintain a strict schedule of maintenance and repair. Size limitations on commercial trucks are another part of the safety concerns. While not as large as tractor-trailers, commercial truck crashes can result in significant personal injury if they go out of control. This can result in serious injuries if a truck hits your vehicle, or if you are the unfortunate driver whose truck is involved in the crash.

Get Legal Advice on Commercial Truck Accidents

Wiseman Law Firm offers more than just legal advice. Our experienced staff offers caring support when you are involved in a commercial truck accident. Todd Wiseman has the experience to offer legal advice you can use. He is skilled in negotiating and protecting your interests. Having the right level of support after a truck crash can bring you a greater sense of recovery in the weeks and months afterward.

Personal Injuries Involving Truck Accidents in WV or OH

Todd Wiseman is an experienced personal injury attorney serving clients in the Parkersburg area. His legal team knows the area roads, conditions, and other factors involved in truck accidents in WV or OH. Damages, pain, suffering, and more all add to your recovery time after a truck accident. Accidental deaths related to commercial truck accidents can devastate families and the community, so it is important to have the right level of legal help. We Put the Law on Your Side with help in reducing lingering effects of the accident. Consult with us today.