Homeowners Fire Claims & Settlements

in WV & OH

House with burned roof

Severe Fire Damages Require Diligence & Speed

After a devastating fire, you need fast action on recovery. If your home in West Virginia or Ohio is destoyed, it becomes imperative to find a new place to live. You may not even have enough resources to attempt to replace what the fire destroyed. When your life is consumed by severe fire damages, you may need legal help to keep your recovery on track and get the funds you need to either rebuild or relocate.

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Insurance Companies May Delay Fire Damage Settlements

Perhaps you are dealing as well as you can with the insurance company – or more than one of them – and feel like you are getting nowhere fast. The insurance company settlement process can be lengthy for a homeowner or property owner to withstand. In the meantime, your bills pile up and you can no longer afford to put your entire life on hold. Wiseman Law Firm has the skills you need to put the law on your side. Todd Wiseman has the legal knowledge that benefits you as our client that may prompt the insurer to provide settlement in a shorter amount of time


Insurance Company Misconduct & Taking Matters to Court

Even a moderate fire in your home or a neighboring building can cause extensive water damages or flooding situations that affect the integrity of foundation walls and floors. Smoke can damage furniture, drapes, and clothing. If the fire does not result in a total loss, you still may have to face relocation costs on a temporary basis in addition to the many clean-up details after the fire event. Waiting for all of these to be processed and approved by the homeowner’s insurance company can be unnerving, at the very least. Wiseman Law Firm offers legal remedies and negotiation skills to benefit you when you need it most.

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