Ask About Personal Injury Representation in Marietta, OH

Personal Injury Lawyer for Automobile Accidents in Marietta, OH

If you live in the Marietta, OH, area, or anywhere else in the Mid-Ohio Valley, and suffered an injury in a car accident, your first call should go to the personal injury lawyer at Wiseman Law Firm. Todd Wiseman and his qualified legal staff can help you recover damages to offset the cost of medical bills and insurance rates. Whether you were a driver, passenger, or pedestrian who experienced injuries from a negligent driver, we examine your case and find a way to get you the money you deserve. Located in Vienna, our lawyer serves Marietta, OH, residents and holds negligent drivers accountable for your injuries. Give our law office a call today at 304-428-3006 for more information on your personal injury claim or contact us online to set up a free consultation.

Representation for Dog Bites and Other Property Injuries

Injuries can sometimes happen by mistake, but this does not mean you do not deserve compensation for negligent actions that cause medical bills and trauma. Even if a friend invites you to their property, they still hold a duty of care toward you, which means if one of his or her pets bites or scratches you and causes an injury, you may have the ability to recover damages in civil court. With one call to Attorney Todd Wiseman, the Marietta area’s premier personal injury lawyer, you can discuss your case and potentially receive compensation. For everything from bites to slip and fall cases on both public and private property, Wiseman Law Firm works hard for you. Give us a call today to find out more.

Workplace Personal Injury Lawyer Serving Marietta Workers

Workers in the Marietta area deserve safety in the workplace, but unfortunately, sometimes employers do not uphold the safety standards required by law. When employers act negligently, do not uphold or enforce proper safety standards, and cause injury, you need to call the Wiseman Law Firm. Our personal injury lawyer can hold your employer accountable at no consequence to your employment status, and help you recover necessary damages to help with medical bills and more. Give our office a call today and find out the difference a quality personal injury lawyer can make.