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Personal Injury Lawyer Serving Mineral Wells, WV, Drivers

If you drive in the Mineral Wells, WV, area, and experience an injury due to another driver colliding into you or your vehicle due to negligence, you can take them to court by filing a personal injury claim. If you wish to potentially recover damages, consult with the top personal injury lawyer in the Mineral Wells area. Attorney Todd Wiseman will work closely with you to examine all the pertinent details of your personal injury case. He will lay out the facts in court to present the best case for you to recover damages. If you have a personal injury claim in Mineral Wells against a driver of a car, truck, or motorcycle, Wiseman Law Firm is here to help. Give our personal injury lawyer a call today at 304-428-3006 for a free consultation or contact us online for more information.

Allow Attorney Wiseman to Handle Your Slip and Fall Matter

If you have entered a Mineral Wells-area property or a business and suffered an injury due to a hazard on that property, call Attorney Todd Wiseman immediately. As a top personal injury lawyer serving the region, he can handle a slip and fall matter. If your fall is due to the negligence of an individual or business who had a duty of care when you entered their property, you may be entitled to damages. Give our personal injury attorney a call today to fight for justice after a slip and fall accident.

Representation for Everything from Dog Bites to Battery

Mineral Wells, WV, residents can suffer personal injuries in a multitude of ways. Sometimes they happen intentionally, and other times by accident. Sometimes they are caused by another person, and sometimes by a non-human. If you suffer a dog bite, you can talk to Attorney Wiseman about a personal injury claim. Of course accidents happen, but it does not mean that you should not receive financial restitution. While intentional injuries like battery is a crime, it can also be a tort, and you can recover damages in a lot of cases. No matter what the reason for your injury is, call Wiseman Law Firm today to discover how we can help.