Personal Injury Representation for West Union Residents

Representing West Union Residents in Personal Injury Car Accidents

If you live in West Union, WV, and have suffered an injury from an automobile accident, talk with Todd Wiseman at Wiseman Law Firm, in Vienna. Whether you were hurt in a car accident that left you injured through no fault of your own, or have suffered as a pedestrian, call Attorney Todd Wiseman today. As a leading personal injury litigator in the Mid-Ohio Valley, he works hard to represent those have wrongly suffered injuries due to automobiles and other vehicles. We work to make sure you receive the damages you deserve to help pay for medical bills and to discourage drivers from acting negligently while behind the wheel. Give us a call today at 304-428-3006 or contact us online for more information on personal injury representation.

Injured on Private or Public Property? Give Attorney Wiseman a Call

Personal injury litigation does not require intent; in fact, intent is not a factor in most cases. Even if intent does not play a role and you find yourself the victim of negligent injury on public or private property, you could receive compensation. If you walk into a store and slip on a wet floor and injure yourself, you may have the right to compensation under certain circumstances. In the same way, if you injure yourself on public property because of an undue hazard, you may have a case. Talk to the folks at Wiseman Law and receive excellent personal injury representation from one of the area’s top civil litigators. Give us a call today for more information.

Ask a Lawyer About Damages from Dog Bites and Beyond

Attorney Todd Wiseman has represented countless clients through the years, for everything from intentional personal injury torts to dog bites. Whether injuries you obtain result from negligence or intent, the area’s top personal injury lawyer will work hard to represent you and get you the damages you deserve. Attorney Wiseman has the experience necessary to look into your matter and represent you confidently. Give us a call today for personal injury representation in the West Union area today.