Personal Injury Representation for the St. Marys, WV, Area

Personal Injury Litigation for Auto Accident Victims in St. Marys

St. Marys-area residents who become injured in automobile collisions typically worry about their insurance rates and medical bills. But, if you are an innocent victim in a car accident, let your first call go to Wiseman Law Firm. The personal injury lawyer at Wiseman Law Firm can look your case and determine the damages you should recover as an innocent victim. Whether your injuries occurred while driving or as a pedestrian, you can recover damages for medical bills, insurance claims, or pain and suffering as a result of the accident. Do not hesitate to call Attorney Todd Wiseman, who has served St. Marys residents for years. Give us a call today at 304-428-3006 or contact us online for more information on personal injury representation.

Recover Damages from Slip & Fall Accidents in Businesses

Businesses in the St. Marys area have an obligation to make any hazards known in their locations. For example, if a grocery store or restaurant mops their floor, they need to provide adequate signage to let clients know that they have a wet floor. If they fail to do this, they have acted negligently and leave themselves open to liability should you or another customer slip and fall on the wet floor. If you experience an injury due to an unforeseen hazard in a business, call Wiseman Law Firm for experienced personal injury representation, and recover the damages you deserve. Give us a call today to find out more about how we can help you get the money you deserve for your injury.

Representing Injured Workers in the St. Marys Area

Workers in the St. Marys, WV, area have the right to a safe workplace under both state and federal law. If you suffer an injury while on the job, give the personal injury lawyer at Wiseman Law Firm a call today. Our lawyer will work diligently to make sure you get the best representation to win your case and recover damages for any injuries due to your employer’s negligence. Contact us to set up a free consultation to see if you have a case, and make sure you get the full recovery you deserve after a work injury.