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Contact Wiseman Law Firm for Effective Help After a Truck Accident

Wiseman Law Firm, PLLC offers experience for West Virginia and Ohio residents injured in auto accidents. This means evaluating the situation and determining a way to move forward to obtain the fullest compensation for you. Truck accident survivors benefit from a negotiation strategy that protects your rights and interests, and Todd Wiseman is always ready to take your case to court if the situation warrants it. We counsel clients on an approach to maximize compensation and avoid heavy legal fees.

At Wiseman Law Firm, We Put the Law on Your Side. We can help reduce the lingering effects of the truck accident on your life.

Any Type of Truck Accident Requires Special Care

Truck accidents on local roadways in OH and WV can involve a variety of vehicle types and circumstances. It may feel overwhelming to deal with the results of a truck accident, no matter what type of truck it may be:



Delivery Truck

Utility Truck





Truck Crashes Due to Poor Weather Conditions or Unsafe Vehicle Load

Truck accidents can take place because of unsafe conditions that often center around weather or roadway issues. Another frequent cause of truck accidents in WV and OH relates to unsafe vehicle loads or operator fatigue. Unexpected mechanical failures or tire blowouts may be additional contributing factors in truck crashes.

Truck Crash Injuries in the Parkersburg Region Require Experience

Wiseman Law Firm offers caring support and experience for residents of West Virginia and Ohio injured in a truck accident. Truck crashes can bring different and more devastating types of injuries than a simple car crash, and often result in serious health and recovery issues. The number of truck accidents on local roadways and interstates means that residents need the experience of a law firm that knows and cares about persons experiencing truck crash-related injuries. Call Todd Wiseman at 304-428-3006 or contact us online for a free initial consultation to discuss your WV or OH truck accident matter.